How To Survive Any Emergency In The Woods

So you’ve decided to venture where no other backpacker has gone before. You’ll need to be extra prepared but you can have a great time camping in the woods. Alone with nature, you will see the stars clear and hear the sounds of silence.

 Make sure you bring enough bear spray. Bear encounters do happen and you will want to spray and then run. You should make sure that you have two cans clipped to you always.

 Also, you can use your bra as a respirator if you ever encounter a situation where you can’t breathe air. Forest fires and dust storms are great examples of times you’ll need this.

 You can use high-fat foods to start a fire if the kindling is too damp. Make sure to pack the chips in an air-tight container for this purpose.

 These are just a few ways that you can make sure that your well-laid plans to camp in the woods aren’t ruined. If you have a fire, a way to breathe during fires, and something to repel bears, then you can focus on other non-emergency essentials.