Deep Discount Savings On Camping Gear

Everyone loves to do things for less. You can even save on camping supplies if you employ some DIY tricks.

 If you’re planning on making your own shelter, you can use your belt to tie it all together. Most people like tents but your belt can make a great backup plan in case your tent gets destroyed.

 Extra old alcohol at home that you’ll never drink, or cheap stuff left behind from parties, can have used when camping. You can smother yourself in vodka as a bug repellent. You can also use it on poison ivy stings or open wounds as a disinfectant.

 Bring along a needle for a compass. You magnetize the eye of the needle by rubbing it one hundred times against hair, fur, or silk. Then lay it on a needle that can float in water. It will pull itself into a north/south position.

 All these hacks cost little to nothing. They can help reduce the financial burden that camping supplies can bring.