How Veterans Can Travel On A Tight Budget

You have served your country diligently and persistently. Now that you have retired, one way of unwinding is to travel. After all, you missed out on a lot of things while you were away from home. Money shouldn’t be an excuse because you are entitled to these discounts:

1. Discount airline tickets
Most airlines offer a veteran discount, but you may not find these listed on their website. If you want to save some money, you can call their customer service department. Some airlines also ignore the checked bag charges for veterans, especially when they are traveling on orders.
The only limitation would be that some airlines limit the discounts to service men on duty. Some discounts are usually given as a flat percentage. Therefore, the rates you receive might not be the best. So, you may want to shop around before settling on a particular airline.

2. Hotel discounts
Many hotel chains offer military discounts to both servicemen in active duty and veterans. Most of these discounts are given during off-peak seasons. For instance, you might have a hard time finding hotel discounts in NYC on New Year’s Eve.

3. Rental cars
Once you arrive at your destination of choice, the next step is to find a means of traveling around the city. If you are on official duty, you will have an easier time finding great rates when hiring your car ride. You might also get a similar rate if you have your military or retiree card. The rates may be limited to those who quit military duty before retiring.

4. Credit card and reward programs
Using a travel rewards system will enable you to earn points and receive various benefits such as priority boarding, free flights, and free nights at a hotel, among other perks. Some of the common rewards for the first year’s interest while others allow you to earn bonus points for regular purchases.