Dental Tips: Veterans Consider Implants

Dental implants are not a sign of vanity. Regardless of whether your missing teeth are due to poor oral care habits, lifestyle factors, aging, or some other reason, you will benefit from implants.

Dental Implants And Oral Hygiene

Home oral care is easier and more effective when you have a full set of teeth. When you are missing your teeth, it can be difficult to care for your natural teeth. When you brush and floss, toothbrush bristles and dental floss scrape and scratch your sensitive gums. You may be tempted to avoid home care because it is uncomfortable or even painful. You will not have this problem when you have implants. Home oral care will be a good experience every day.

Dental Implants And Oral Health

Implants can protect your natural teeth in another way. When you have missing teeth, your natural teeth can start to shift into the gaps. This can cause teeth to become weak and loose, and they can eventually fall out. If you choose implants, your natural teeth will stay strong and healthy.

Dental Tips For Implants

Implants do not require any more care than your own teeth. Simply brush and floss carefully twice each day. While you should avoid foods that are excessively hard or sticky, you can enjoy a balanced, nutritious diet. Visit your dentist at least twice a year for an exam and a professional cleaning.

With proper care, dental implants can last more than a decade. They may never need to be replaced at all. You can have all of these health benefits from implants, and a nice smile, too.