Veterans Get Best Flight Discounts

If you are currently serving the US military or used to, here’s a special article on how you can save on travelling expenses.

1. Understand your options

There are excessive discounts options available for both veterans and active service men and women. The best part is that you can qualify for all the available discounts including travelling, accommodation and admission fees. All you need is to know your options and make a clear plan before heading out.

2. Discount flights for military

Before booking a military discount flight, visit a comparison airfare site such as FareCompare and see if the discounted flight is the best available deal. You might find another regular airline that is offering a significantly cheaper price than the discounted military fare. However, there is no way to know unless you compare the prices.
Here are some of the airlines that offer military flight discounts:
Delta – They offer military fares on certain routes but you should call for this information.
American – They offer unspecified flight discounts but you should call to book
Southwest – The airline offers unspecified military discounts but requires interested parties to call for further details
JetBlue – The airline has a “special military fair class for the active duty militants that are travelling on unofficial courses.” Although the package doesn’t feature an advanced percentage discount, it excludes advanced purchase requirements. In the end, it is likely to result in low fares if the advanced purchase price expires.
United – The airline offers up to five percent discounts for veterans, active U.S military members, Reserve members and National Guard service people. It might also extend to the family members with certain restrictions.

3. What will you need?

Veteran ID card
Retiree military ID card
Active duty ID card
Guard / reserve military ID card
Military dependent ID card
Department of Defense Common Access Card