Free Meals: Veterans Day ONLY

Every other veteran’s day thousands of cafes and restaurants honor the great men and women who sacrificed their time and effort to secure our country with a free meal. From big chains to local dinners, everyone comes out to appreciate our service men and women. Although this is more of a traditional practice, some aspects are still unclear. Here are the answers to the commonly asked questions.

1. Who is eligible for a free meal on Veterans Day?
The eligibility for a free meal on Veterans Day depends on the restaurant. Veterans and active duty military persons are eligible. Some restaurants allow immediate family members to enjoy a free meal too. Others offer discounted prices to everyone, whether they have been in the military.

2. What should I do to ensure I get a free meal on Veterans Day?
Planning is essential. Know the exact location you plan on visiting to get the free meal. You can look up hotels and restaurants that have announced discounts prior and reserve a table. Calling the customer care number will enable you to plan on the exact day and time.

3. When are the Veterans Day free meals?
Most of the meals are served on the Veterans Day. However, other restaurants extend the discounts during the entire weekend. If the day falls on a Sunday, some restaurants might offer meals on both Sunday and Monday.

4. Do all locations participate in the Veterans Day free meals?
If a long chain restaurant advertises that they will be offering free meals, it is important to find out whether the offer is valid in one location or in all locations. Call the exact location you want to enjoy your free meal before heading out.

5. Do I need to purchase anything before receiving the free meal?
Most restaurants do not require a prior purchase. The meals are completely free. Since this may vary, you should confirm with your local cafe first.